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Stiles Law Firm handles a wide array of probate needs. We do estate planning, including wills and other estate planning documents such as a medical power of attorney, “living will”, or statutory power of attorney. We meet with you personally to draft a will and estate planning documents suited for your precise situation. If someone in your family has passed away, we can help you through the probate process whether the decedent left a will or not. Stiles Law Firm represents people involved with both obtaining and resisting guardianship. We also handle litigation relating to will contests, heirship, guardianship and most probate related matters. Whatever your area of need, the Stiles Law Firm seeks to identify the most cost efficient and speedy way to resolve your probate problems.


Ruth Ann Stiles spent her entire professional career at Harris County Probate Court No. One before retiring and joining Stiles Law Firm in 2023.  The last 19 years she served as Associate Judge of Probate Court No. One.  This experience serves Ruth Ann well in her mediation practice where she helps families resolve probate conflicts. Call (713) 987-7110 or email to inquire about or to schedule mediation with Ruth Ann.  

Business Litigation

Stiles Law Firm represents mostly small to medium size businesses and individuals that want the security they feel with a big law firm, but without the inflated hourly rates and lack of flexibility. Stiles Law Firm will help you address specific problems facing your business. We frequently handle collection related matters from initial contact to filing suit and pursuing litigation against entities that will not pay what they owe. Other common requests from our business clients involve drafting, negotiating, and enforcing contracts, or simply advising on the potential legal ramifications of day to day business decisions. Stiles Law Firm is ready to secure your rights through litigation when necessary, but keeps an eye on the bottom line. While some lawyers provide advice that benefits their own business, Stiles Law Firm wants to provide common sense advice that protects your business’ bottom line.

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